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What 94.5 WCMS Personality Are You?

What on-air personality are you? Autumn, Justin, Milo or Kid Kennedy? Take the quiz now and post your results using the #WCMS on Facebook and you ...
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Healthy Pasta? Sign ME Up!

We all know pasta isn't really regarded as a "health food" because the carbohydrates in the pasta can cause weight gain while the glucose from the ...
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I Ate the WHOLE Thing!?!!

Okay Women, let's be honest here: What's the most outrageous thing you've eaten in one sitting? Ice cream, pizza, bucket of popcorn, block of ...
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Dance Party Fridays

Dance Party Friday’s

It's that time of year again where we bring "DANCE PARTY FRIDAY's" back! Every Friday what better way to kick off the weekend than with a dance ...
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Let the Halloween Movies Begin

Whether you have cable, Direct TV, or just Netflix this month is FULL of Halloween movies and they have released every movie playing for the month ...
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Autumn Is HERE!! Autumn is HERE!!

My favorite time of the year is here..... AUTUMN or better known as Fall, but I will keep saying Autumn because it's my name. This is the only time ...
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Guilty Pleasures….. HELLO SHOPPING

Everyone has them, everyone loves them and we all feel a little guilty for doing them..... GUILTY PLEASURES! The #1 most guilty pleasure is going ...
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Most Hated Foods

Men's Fitness Magazine released an article on "Which foods do people hate the most?" I find it actually pretty entertaining because 8 out of the 10 ...
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Scarlett is officially home!

I met Scarlett a little over 5 months ago at PetSmart adoption event that the Outer Banks SPCA puts on. Instantly I had doubts about her for ...
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Comfort Foods

The “Last Supper”

So there is a new book out that lists the food well-known people ate right before they died. For instance, Jimi Hendrix had a tuna sandwich, ...
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