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Don’t Forget That Sunscreen!

Living on the OBX has MANY perks one of them being able to enjoy the beautiful beaches we have here in North Carolina! The OBX gets mentioned on ...
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On The Road Again

Tomorrow is a busy day for the 94.5 WCMS crew We will literally be everywhere and we will have the brand new 2015 Captain Marty Fishing Guides! ...
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Brand New WCMS App

Download the new 94.5 WCMS app, in your app store! Concerts, contests, NASCAR, listen live and more all available in one amazing app! We all know ...
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FrEaK Show Coming Soon

Well everyday it's a freak show with us and you already know this especially if you are a P1 listener (our favorites), well the legit Freak Show is ...
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Addiction… thought of the day

Alright so this is something I support 100%  and it might just be because of the way I was raised, because mama didn't raise no fool ;)  I mean ...
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Addictive Food

I was reading my issue of Women's Health Magazine today & read an article that says the MOST addictive food is.... PIZZA! Well I love pizza as ...
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Mid-Life Crisis Car

When you through your mid-life crisis (and you WILL go through one), what kind of car do you think you'll get? This was a question someone randomly ...
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Cute Gifts & Easter!

I love sending out little personalized cards thanking someone who I had a meeting with, or just to say Hello. I found really cute ones at Summer ...
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