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From Santa or Mom & Dad?

About every week we receive 2-3 e-mails asking us our opinions, kind of like a "Dear Abby" and well this week we received a message from George and ...
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Moms and Christmas

Let's face it..... Moms are the best and the do A LOT especially around Christmas time. Christmas is great when you're a little kid, it's all about ...
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12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas is back with Max Radio of the Carolinas Every week day we are giving you a chance to win something fantastic just by ...
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My Favorite Time of the Day

Okay so when I first read this article I couldn't believe it.... and then I made a comment about it in the recent meeting and it got shot down, but ...
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Cookie Dilemma!!!!

Every Christmas I bake cookies for some of my neighbors, friends at work and a couple special older people that I know. I don't go crazy just the ...
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