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Guilty Pleasures….. HELLO SHOPPING

Everyone has them, everyone loves them and we all feel a little guilty for doing them..... GUILTY PLEASURES! The #1 most guilty pleasure is going ...
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Most Hated Foods

Men's Fitness Magazine released an article on "Which foods do people hate the most?" I find it actually pretty entertaining because 8 out of the 10 ...
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Scarlett is officially home!

I met Scarlett a little over 5 months ago at PetSmart adoption event that the Outer Banks SPCA puts on. Instantly I had doubts about her for ...
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Comfort Foods

The “Last Supper”

So there is a new book out that lists the food well-known people ate right before they died. For instance, Jimi Hendrix had a tuna sandwich, ...
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Wicked Tuna EPIC

Last night was the premier of National Geographic's "Wicked Tuna North vs. South" Every Sunday at 10pm I had the honor of watching it Thursday the ...
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September 9th… Calling all iPhone Lovers!!!

It's here! The rumors are starting! September 9th, Apple set the iPhone 6 debut! Well they plan on holding a media event on September 9th, ...
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This Did an Epic Baby Announcement!

You always see the cute pictures and videos of couples announcing their soon to be bundle of joy but this couple used "The Share A Coke Concept" ...
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National Underwear Day

Today is National Underwear Day!!! YAY!!!  And to honor the day came up with this info for  you: The most popular kind of ...
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Oh Mosquitos!!!

I don't know if you have ever seen the Hannah & Kaylee but I cry laughing so hard when I watch them especially the episode on "How to protect ...
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Happy National Hot Dog Day

Did you know, July 23rd, is National Hot Dog Day!? Well it is and there are some great freebies you can take advantage of it you're a hot dog ...
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