Most of you know and well some of you don’t know (because your an ass and don’t listen) that I am doing the Whole30 Challenge. The number 1 question I always get asked is, “What is Whole30”? Well let me just tell you I had NO dang idea until 10 days ago. I had no clue what I was honestly getting myself into.
It’s a lot more than I possibly could have thought it to be and I will not lie once during this whole experience.
Everyday we put a ton of bad crap in our body that could be effecting the way we live. Whether it’s energy levels, always feeling bad, working out with no results, not sleeping good, headaches etc.
How do we find a solution to solve most if not all of these issues that clearly make our life suck?
You strip your body down of all the processed, sugary, bull crap that is making us feel or act this way.
Whole30 is 30 days, of cutting out all the dairy, sugary, wheat, processed crap out of our bodies and feeding our God given bodies amazing all natural food. Fasting or detoxing your body for better choice of words.

Now STOP and settle your butt down right now because NO I am not some “organic, vegan, veggie loving freak”. FAR from it. Literally Pizza is my love, and perogies to me are like a needle for a heroine addict, they complete each other and perogies definitely complete me. I love cheese, bread and BEER, but honestly who doesn’t? Unless your lactose intolerant, and if you are well….sucks to be you (Glen) because you are missing out on the love affair you could be having with a extra cheese hot out of the oven pepperoni & mushroom pizza, (yes that is what I am craving right now)!

Basically, for the next 35 days I will be eating fruit (natural sugar), veggies and meat.
I am still asking myself that question. Not lying.
My workout class/family Momentum Fitness challenged everyone to sign up and accept the challenge & I guess I had no choice 😉 Also my best friend really wanted to do it and I knew supporting each other would be key!

Anyway if you want to read more about the WHOLE3o go for it, I don’t have time to re-write everything they already have done to describe the aggravation I am going through daily
(35 days, 35 days, 35 days)!

Alright, so I saw a lot of people blogging about the Whole30 and recipes and all of this other crap but truthfully…. I can’t cook (well that is) and I don’t care to explain day BY day to you, for two reasons:
1. Everyone is going to go through different things, at different times.
2. Do you honestly give a shit?

1st week of this literally sucked, there honestly isn’t any other way to describe it. It sucked and I wasn’t prepared for anything, hell I’m still not prepared. No my meals are not planned out because I am far from a planner I would love to be but I’m not and so yes I am literally winging everything.
I have fruit & veggies cut all up in the fridge, and chicken on stand-by at all times. I figured I could at least live off those 3 things :p
I almost caved once on a chocolate covered raisin & a gummy bear, my GO to candies, to the point where I had to throw them away or far far up in the cabinet so I couldn’t see them.
Two mornings in a row I was so aggravated to the point where I thought I was going to grab the dogs and strangle them if they barked one more time, never would I so relax people.
I need a sandwich in my life and one of the hardest things to find is Deli meat without sugar, but I FINALLY found one at Harris Teeter and it is amazing.
My hardest problem is I am a snacker. I LOVE snacks, but my snacks look a lot different now a days with zip lock bags of grapes, snap peas, carrots and strawberries instead of the good old Peanut Butter Crackers 🙁
Some days I feel exhausted and the first week I didn’t even have enough energy to complete 15 burpees. Day 10/11 I feel better, energy level wise and I find myself being less aggravated, but if you piss me off I might just fly off the handle for a hot minute, so I am warning you now.
It’s the dirty habits that are hard to get over, like drinking my Redbull every day, which BTW I WILL introduce back to my body after 45 days. I don’t care that it is bad for me I <3 Redbull and always will. Eating a turkey sandwich everyday for lunch with that Duke’s Mayo and Lettuce, bad habit for me or reaching for a handful of Cheeze-It’s ALL bad habits to break but it’s getting easier.
Does it suck? Absolutely. Do I feel better? Some days I feel amazing and since I am kinda over this “hump” they talk about they sugar cravings are kinda going away. I did this to myself and I know that. I wanted to challenge my mind to see if I can push away everything I know is not good for my body. Mind over Matter. I wanted to challenge my mind and detox my body of well just crap.
Today, this morning as I write this I want a beer, an ice cold Red Stripe or Corona with 2 limes and I want cream in my damn coffee!

Here are a couple pictures of just what I have been doing

Breakfast/Lunch with local sausage with no added sugar just good old Apples & Pork

I made my own BBQ sauce, yes ME.

^ This crap is literally the worst tasting thing EVER

Drinking and driving! LEGALLY!
So Beer or any alcohol of any sort is not allowed on this Whole30 challenge, so a little birdie told me if you take LaCroix the Peach Pear and add lime it tastes JUST like a ice cold Corona. So yes my Kip Moore koozie and my “fake beer” was my saving grace yesterday heading to Fish Heads.

So in the end is it worth it? To me…. yes because I have a friend depending on me and because I am almost 30 y’all time to get my body and especially my mind right.
So yes I will keep kicking ass and all of you haters trying to tempt me on a daily basis well you guys suck 😉