Why hello Whole30…..again.
I know I know, I am crazy right? Don’t worry I get told I am crazy all the time.
Round 2 of Whole30 for me.

When I was on Whole30 for 45 days back in May-June I thought to myself then, why in the hell am I doing this? I would tell myself let’s be honest here Autumn, you can’t even plan what you are going to wear let alone what the heck you are going to eat for 7 days. Well, I made it and I did it for 15 days longer than most.

That means I gave up bread, pasta, cookies, yogurt, cereal and alcohol (well basically) for 45 days and I didn’t die! Shocker!

Whole30 to me changed everything about my body with how I felt. I didn’t have these awful headaches all day long like I usually get, I had more energy, I felt full & content and I cooked & learned so much about food.

So yes, I decided to do it again!

Whole30 is all about being prepared with what you are going to eat & studying about food. Well I suck at prepping for anything. I forget dates to everything, I was a C- student and I can barely remember to change my clothes over from the washer to the dryer.
So if I can do it….. YOU can do it.

So far what did I do?

Made Ghee Butter!
Ghee butter to me y’all is expensive. You would be lucky to find more than 8oz. for less than $6.99

I bought a little over a LB. of legit Amish butter. That good good stuff 😉
Dropped it in a crockpot (uncovered) for about 6+ hours, some will take shorter time & waited until a brownish, bubble stuff appeared on top of the melted butter. THAT is the dairy and crap you want out, to make Ghee butter…. aka Clarified Butter. Look it up, I ain’t gonna tell you everything, this is after all about being productive & studying.

Melted & in containers

Cheese cloth to strain that crap off the top

After it is cool or room temperature.

Seriously Ghee butter will last a long time, so I have plenty for me & friends AND it cost $5.39

Now another thing about Whole30 for me, is I am a BIG BIG snacker. I can eat little 100 calorie meals all day and be satisfied BUT I know that I shouldn’t. To get over my “snacking” Whole30 helped a lot with that. However I do make my own snack packs (ya not nearly as good as the pudding) of “trail mix”
Just pecans, raw cashews, raw almonds, raisins & goji berries. You can also buy Cacao Nibs from Amazon to add that desire for chocolate. Which I have ordered, just waiting for them to arrive.
I also made Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Spice “larabars” that are FABULOUS and super easy to make as well
Recipes I used here:
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Spice
You will thank me later if you ever decide to do Whole30.

No Whole30 has not given me anything to write a little something about the program itself. NO you don’t have to pay to do anything and NO you don’t have to have a monthly membership. It is all about reading what you are putting into your body. Sugar is literally in everything! I could’t believe it. Read, educate, learn, study, take notes & make plans. Like I said this is all coming from a girl who really just wrote a note on her hand to go switch the clothes over from the washer to the dryer before I go to bed, so if I can do it…. YOU can do it.

You will thank me later.

Oh BTW Pinterest is your BAE when on Whole30, a ton of easy recipes, snack ideas, homemade spices & mixes and much more.
Like I said lazy, it’s all about studying.